What is Price Hipster anyway?

Price Hipster is a modern product search engine. Its goal is to provide an awesome search experience and great product recommendations for online shoppers. Every day, thousands of shoppers come to Price Hipster to look for a bargain, search where to purchase a particular product or compare prices across different stores.

Why do shoppers use Price Hipster?

People love being able to see products appear as they type. Many users have learned how to use Price Hipster's powerful search filters to narrow down their search by store, price, discount and more.

Price Hipster allows all signed-up users to set price alerts, where users will receive an email when the price of a product drops below a value they have set. All signed-up users also have the option of receiving a daily deals email, which contains the top deals of the day. Most of Price Hipster's users choose to receive this email.

Shoppers love that Price Hipster ignores RRP and shows pricing history for the prices products have actually been sold at. When shoppers can see that a deal is genuine they are much more comfortable making a purchase.

Why do stores list their products on Price Hipster?

Online stores list their products on Price Hipster primarily to increase traffic to their website. Price Hipster is very good at bringing great deals to the attention of its users and this happens automatically as stores update their products' prices. Listing their products on Price Hipster also increases backlinks to the store's website and increases the trust of online shoppers towards the store.

Why the silly name?

Why the silly question? Just kidding. "Price Hipster" totally has an actual, real, genuine meaning. Seriously. If it's in Urban Dictionary it must be legit!